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20 Nov 2019 - 21 Nov 2019
Krakow, Poland
Horeca, Gastrofood, Enoexpo 2019 – Brokerage Event

How it works


When registering, you are asked to select so called sessions. Each day of the brokerage event is divided into such sessions. Here you can indicate the time framework when you will be available to meet other participants. 
Please be aware that in order to meet someone at the event, you must have indicated at least one common session. Thus it is recommended to reserve some time for the meetings and select more than one session.

Set up a company profile (during registration)

During your registration you need to create a short description of your company. By choosing keywords you can specify the business fields your company works in.

Request meetings

Meeting requests should be accepted or declined. Only those meetings accepted will be scheduled at one of the tables in the matchmaking area during the gamesmatch event.

The person who is invited to a meeting may choose a timeslot for the meeting when accepting it. By default the B2Match system will suggest the earliest available common timeslot. However any other common timeslot offered by the system can be chosen.

We recommend to react to meeting requests as soon as they come in. There is limited time and space. This way you and the person requesting the meeting can plan their time at Horeca, Gastrofood, Enoexpo 2019 - brokerage event. If you wait too long, the other person may be fully booked or there may not be any free tables left during your preferred time slots.

If it is not possible for you to request a meeting with someone you would like to meet, it may be because there is no common timeslot at the brokerage event or no free table anymore. Either you arrange something yourself via the messaging system or contact the organisers. We will try to find a solution. 

Last but not least: Do not only wait for others to request meetings with you but browse the marketplace and participants list and book meetings actively yourself.


Closed since 15 November 2019


International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow

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Participants 58
Meetings 73


Armenia 7
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 2
Czech Republic 1
Hungary 2
India 3
Italy 6
Lithuania 1
Poland 27
Portugal 1
Romania 4
Slovakia 1
Spain 2
Total 58


Producer 40
Distributer 5
Wholesaler 3
Service Supplier 2
Other 4
Total 58